Shop 061, Level 1 Macarthur Square, Campbelltown 2560


Our Story


Who We Are

With a lavish blend of traditional flavours, high-quality shishas and an authentic setting, Hookah Lane guides your senses on a journey to the Middle East. Collaborating with renowned chefs and mixologists, we’ve curated a unique menu that fuses the very best of the Middle East with the classic flavours you know and love. Whether you’re a family looking for delicious, show-stopping desserts and spirit-free drinks or a group of friends who enjoy premium shisha, Hookah Lane is the ideal destination for everyone.

The Hookah Lane Story

The idea behind Hookah Lane originated when three local business owners found themselves regularly travelling out of the area for a spot to socialize and enjoy traditional, Middle Eastern experiences. Wanting to bring new life to the Macarthur area and introduce a destination immersed in authenticity and culture, Hookah Lane was born, a luxe shisha lounge offering an unique and premium experience.

Hookah Lane Express

With Hookah Lane Express, you can now enjoy the Hookah Lane experience from the comfort of your own home. An express service, we deliver premium Shishas, complete with your favourite flavours right to your door – perfect for a quiet night in, a small party or a family get together.